The Farm

Agriculture & Biotechnology

Vegetable Garden

Various pastures and fields support different operations on the farm. Hay is made and baled for the dairy while sweet potatoes, vegetables, artichokes and timber is grown in various sections of the farm. Vegetables are produced organically and picked regularly so that fresh wholesome food is available to all the children of Pasture Valley.

Greenhouses, Shade Houses & Nursery


Three 30m propagation tunnels were erected on the farm to propagate various plants including:
Moringa, Bamboo, Indigenous trees, banana plants, vegetable seedlings, ginger, fruit trees, Calla lilies (Zantedeschias), blueberries and granadillas (passion fruit).

We enjoy a challenge and will gladly attempt the propagation of new and unusual plants!


The Dairy

We moved to Pasture Valley in 1999. Although we are trained and experienced as Horticulturalists, there was a dairy building on the farm. We purchased some Jersey cows and began operating the dairy primarily as a means to boost our cash flow during our early years here. Today we have a herd of 80 Jersey cows and a local market which clearly enjoys our clean, creamy fresh milk. Our dairy facilities have been approved by the local Department of Health and our herd is tested regularly for Tuberculosis and Brucella. We are looking for markets to expand in other dairy products such as yogurts and cream.

It had always been our dream to live on a farm and a farm would not be the same if it did not have cows on it. The dairy has been a wonderful learning experience for the children on how to care for animals.

Whilst some people put their investments into unit trusts, our children have an investment in cows for their future. Each has their own cows and their calves are theirs too and so it grows each year

Tissue Culture Lab

The tissue culture laboratory at Pasture Valley was established in 2003. The laboratory is equipped with 2 autoclaves, 2 laminar flow benches, positive pressure units, a media preparation area and 2 growth rooms. We have experience in the propagation of the following crops:

Papaya (paw paw), various ornamentals, Eucalyptus, Gardenias, Callistemon, banana, raspberry, date palms, ginger, indigenous plants, calla lilies (arums) & Jatropha for bio-fuel. Today, plants are only introduced on order or contract.

We can provide advice, on a consultancy basis, on:

  • Setting up a new tissue culture laboratory (equipment required, laboratory design, clean air systems, chemicals etc)
  • Production flow
  • Technology: protocol formulations for various crops
  • Training on various methods (initiation, multiplication, rooting and hardening phases)
  • Experience and protocols on the crops such as: date palms, banana (2 million plants per annum), papaya, roses, Eucalyptus, ginger, lilies, medicinal plants, various ornamentals

Consultancy Services

Peter & Michelle McCubbin both offer consultancy services:

Peter McCubbin- MSc (Agric)

Speciality: Horticulture

Experience in Macadamia, tea and various horticultural crops. Conference presentations: Australia, Malaysia and South Africa

Michelle McCubbin PhD

Speciality: Plant Physiology

Consultation missions completed: Israel, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia. Conference presentation: South Africa, United Arab Emirates