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Child Support: Hope Outreach Programme

The Hope Outreach Programme is a child support programme that offers assistance to children living in the Shiselweni region. Support is offered in the form of food parcels, food hampers, school uniforms, school fees and other special needs or requests. At the current moment , we have over 500 children that are supported by the programme.

How Pasture Valley helps:

Food Programmes
Our number one priority is to make sure that a child never goes to bed without food. Every month, the Pasture Valley team prepares and distributes food to 15 areas in the Shiselweni region , about 194 are distributed each month. To the more needy families, which are usually child headed families, we provide food hampers with more food than the parcels we provide for the other families. We also have pre-schools that we are supporting with food and other material.

School Fees
Pasture Valley also tries to ensure that there are no children under our programme who struggle with school fees,which is why we have more than 117 children who benefit from our school fees programme.

School Uniforms
For school uniforms, almost every child in ourprogramme has access to school uniform and we make certain that the children get school uniforms each year if they are under the programme. This year (2023) alone, we have supported 324 children with school uniforms  (including shirts , jerseys, tunics, trousers, trousers and even school shoes).

Children Living With Disabilities
We have special children in our programme who need special care and it is with joy that we also support them. We have about 11 of these precious ones , some in school and some not. We support them with their specific needs which includes diapers, transport money and physiotherapy.

Seedlings, Crops and Crafts
We believe in not creating a total dependency on hand-outs. We like our beneficiaries to be empowered to be able to support themselves eventually and not ask for everything. We equip them with the materials and facilities they need to be able to stand on their own. We provide hoes and seedlings to grow crops in an attempt to close the food gap. Some of our clients are good with using their hands to create craft items, so we provide for them to showcase their skills and we also provide a market for them

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Pasture Valley (Pty) Ltd.
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Kingdom of Eswatini
Cell: +268 76023935
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We are located in the southern part of Eswatini - a short drive from Nhlangano Town. The border post of Mahamba (to South Africa) is about 16 Km away, along a good road. The nearest South Africa town - Piet Retief - is an easy drive of about 50Km.
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