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Pasture Valley opened a girls' care centre at Ekuthuleni Mission Station and worked with the FECFC. In December 2021, the girls were moved to Pasture Valley and the pre-school and centre were handed back to the church.

The Girls' Care Centre is aimed at supporting and raising teenage girls who have been sexually abused, and in some instances, who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse, from around the Shiselweni region. Currently, there are 6 girls living at the care centre and 2 others living outside but still supported by Pasture Valley.

The girls live with an "Auntie" at the care centre and practically live like family. Every evening, they all come together for prayer and devotion, where they are taught life lessons as well as how to help at home.

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We are located in the southern part of Eswatini - a short drive from Nhlangano Town. The border post of Mahamba (to South Africa) is about 16 Km away, along a good road. The nearest South Africa town - Piet Retief - is an easy drive of about 50Km.
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