Tissue Culture Lab

Tissue Culture LaboratoryThe tissue culture laboratory at Pasture Valley was established in 2003. The laboratory is equipped with 2 autoclaves, 2 laminar flow benches, positive pressure units, a media preparation area and 2 growth rooms. We have experience in the propagation of the following crops:

Papaya (paw paw), various ornamentals, Eucalyptus, Gardenias, Callistemon, banana, raspberry, date palms, ginger, indigenous plants, calla lilies (arums) & Jatropha for bio-fuel.

Today, plants are only introduced on order or contract.

We can provide advice, on a consultancy basis, on:

  • Setting up a new tissue culture laboratory (equipment required, laboratory design, clean air systems, chemicals etc)
  • Production flow
  • Technology: protocol formulations for various crops
  • Training on various methods (initiation, multiplication, rooting and hardening phases)
  • Experience and protocols on the crops such as: date palms, banana (2 million plants per annum), papaya, roses, Eucalyptus, ginger, lilies, medicinal plants, various ornamentals