Descriptions and Ordering Info

BeadworkEach handcrafted item is one of a kind – made primarily from recycled magazines, grasses, seeds and fabric. For our necklaces, we offer two styles, 3 lengths, 3 sizes of beads and various colours of products to choose from.  PLEASE NOTE:  The pictures are representations of each style; any item you order will be somewhat different, yet will reflect the style indicated.


We sell our products via “home parties”.  The number and type of beads can be selected according to the specification required for the sale.  The products will be sold to you at a wholesale price (not listed here) and airmail shipping will be charged.  The retail prices listed below are merely SUGGESTIONS of what they generally sell for.  It would be appreciated if some of the profits could be returned to Bambanani for future development. The profits could also be used to support a local non-profit cause of your choice.


NATURAL:  the rolled paper or fabric beads are in their natural state:  the colour tones reflect the material itself and will vary from item to item. Select from white, earth tones, green or blue tones.  The product is varnished for protection.  Order with or without seeds between beads.


Natural 2







We also offer a necklace made only from local seeds and beads.

Just Seeds






PAINTED:  the beads will be uniform in colour and varnished for protection.  Select from white, yellow, green, blue, pink or red.  The product is varnished for protection.  Order with or without seeds between beads.







DYED BEADS:  will be somewhat uniform in colour tones, yet the natural variations within the paper bead will be visible.  Choose from yellow, pink, green, or blue.


Dyed 2







Small bead  – traditional in style, tapered at ends,  approx. 5 mm. diameter or less

Medium bead –  “fatter”bead, less tapering, approx. 6 – 8 mm. in diameter

Large bead – “chunky” look, minimal tapering, approx. 1 cm. in diameter or more

We also have various lengths of Necklace:

Short:        20 – 25 inches  (50 – 63 cm)

Medium:  28 – 34 inches (71 – 86 cm)

Long :     36 – 42 inches (91 -107 cm)


We offer a multi-stranded necklace,and necklaces with hand-lathed wooden beads.

 Designer 1Designer 2






Suggested Retail Pricing Chart (in US $). Please contact us for a wholesale price list.
   Natural Dyed/ Painted  Designer
Short  6.00  8.00  10.00
Medium  10.00  12.00  14.00
Long  12.00  14.00  18.00
2-stranded medium length  18.00  20.00  
3-stranded medium length  20.00  22.00  
Wooden hand-lathed  20.00  22.00  


EARRINGS and BRACELETS                                                                                            

We offer two styles of earrings and one style or bracelet:

1. Rolled paper beads with glass bead accents.    Suggested Retail  US$ 6.00

Rolled paper with glass beads





2. Rolled paper beads with hand-lathed wooden bead accent:           Suggested Retail  US$ 7.00


Rolled paper & hand-lathed wooden beadRolled Paper & hand-lathed bead 2






3.  Circular woven grass earrings in various colours:  earth tones, red, black, pink, green, turquoise

Suggested retail price:  US$ 8.00

Woven grass






4.  Bracelets on elastic string with rolled paper and beads

Suggested retail price:  US$ 8.00







Airmail shipping costs from Kingdom of Eswatini can vary, but our best estimate is that the cost will be:

US$ 1.00 per item OR LESS. Shipping time is approximately 2-3 weeks.



At this time, we are not accepting individual orders.  We sell our items in bulk to those willing to host a jewellery party at their home, business or place of worship.  Minimum orders are 20 items.  For details email  Gail or Michelle for information and wholesale prices.