To Apply as a Volunteer:

We require the information below to assess your application. Please send us your answers either as an email using the information below as a checklist to ensure that you have included everything, Download the list as a Word document then complete and return it to us as an email attachment or copy and paste the list into an email, type in your answers and send to: Us by Email


  • Name and Surname:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Date of birth:
  • email address:
  • Contact person and number for emergencies:
  • Passport number and expiry date:
  • 1 Who or which organization referred you to Pasture Valley?
  • 2 What dates would you be able to volunteer for?
  • 3 What kind of ministry/work would you like to get involved in?
  • 4 What are your hobbies/ interests?
  • 5 Can you speak an African language?
  • 6 Have you had any other cross cultural experiences? Where did you go and for how long?
  • 7 What experience do you have working with children?
  • 8 Would you be willing to help in any other ministry we have at Pasture Valley e.g. Farming, Home-based care, Skills training
  • 9 What job experiences have you had?
  • 10 Are there any medical issues that need to be considered?
  • 11 Do you have any allergies eg. bees, cats?
  • 12 Do you have a criminal record?
  • 13 Have you had any previous problems with drug or alcohol use?
  • 14 Have you had any mental health problems?
  • 15 Are you a Christian? If not, please specify religious affiliation, if any.
  • If yes, what church do you attend?
  • 16 Would you be willing to sign an indemnity form for the duration of your stay in Kingdom of eSwatini?
  • 17 Would you be able to finance your own trip/flights to Kingdom of eSwatini?
  • 18 Do you have a drivers license?
  • 19 Why would you like to volunteer at Pasture Valley?

Please provide us with a brief CV and 2 references.