Patience is a virtue. So they say. Getting used to technology needs a lot of patience. This is my first blog entry EVER.

“Choose to Wait” is not a very popular subject. These days everything is quick. However, this was the topic of a week long workshop hosted at Pasture Valley last week. It was presented by Leo Baan and Sanele Magagula through Christ Hope. The teenagers from our Children’s home and youth members of 3 churches attended. The content dealt with sexual issues, marriage and relationships. Having seen what girls go through when they fall pregnant and not having support from their boyfriends, it is a topic worth listening to.

I popped in briefly one morning as Leo explained that we all have value in God’s eyes. He took out two R20 banknotes and asked us the value of each one. They were naturally the same value. He then crumpled one up, trampled and stood over it and then spat on it and abused it. He then opened it up again and asked us what the value of the 2 notes were now. Of course, they both still had the same value. He shared that despite our backgrounds, humiliation or what we may look like, we still have value. We are special. The children and youth were able to share how they felt and enjoyed the course tremedously. We are hoping to repeat it again next May.

Remember, you are valuable! Have a blessed day!